“Never Give Up”

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“Never Give Up” from scott cozza on Vimeo.

Please watch the entire 7 minute video. It conveys a powerful message to “Never Give Up” no matter what obstacles we may face in life. Steven says to those with challenges in life to “Never Give Up”, “As human beings, whether a child, teen, or an adult, we will all face difficulties in life. The challenge could be as harmless as trying to learn to read or as life threatening as trying to overcome a serious illness. Hold on to hope by having a “Never Give Up” attitude. When I race, whether I win or lose, at the end of the day I can always walk away from my bike feeling proud because I know I did my best and “Never Gave Up.”

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  1. Donna says:

    That was incredible.A wrestling stage race with Steven getting attacked each stage until the last one where he lights it up.Nice that you were there Scott to catch the whole match.
    I’ll think of this next Sat. when I do the Pinole TTT,but I need to show it to my teammate.I don’t want to be so inspired I ride away from her.;)

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