Eneco Tour Stage 4: Tyler’s on Fire As The Garmin Boys Ward Off The Attacks

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Written by Steven Cozza
August 22, 2009

Today was the hardest day of the Eneco Tour, topping off at 220 kilometers with over 10 climbs from around 1 to 4 kilometers long. Tyler still donned the leader’s jersey, so it was our job to take charge again today. All I got to say is the first hour was absolutely insane!

After 1 hour in true pain of trying to not let anything larger than 5 riders go, 3 guys took off on the first climb. The whole peloton cheered in happiness as the 3 racers disappeared into the distance for their long, painful voyage down a dead-end street. I say dead-end because there was no possible way they were going to stay away from the Garmin boys!

After we gave them about 8 minutes, Whitey ordered over the radios for Tricky Ricky Ricardo and myself to start riding tempo on the front. And tempo it was for nearly the next 100 kilometers. No problem. Haha! We have been doing this everyday here now so have become used to it.

Occasionally someone would say something to me and I wouldn’t and couldn’t respond. I was hurting too much and totally focused on my mission at hand. As we neared 170 kilometers, the break was back to 1:30. We all knew the move and attacks were going to come around 160 k and 180 k because there were 2 big climbs.

Ricardo and I were totally cross-eyed at this point when a group of 5 took off over the climb at 165 k. This was a threatening group and took 30 seconds in the blink of an eye. We were ordered by Whitey to go flat out, full gas, and just kill ourselves during the next 7 kilometers into the big climb. We did and were both proud of our effort.

After we hit that climb and the break was coming back, we both blew up and fell through the peloton like a bag of rocks. With 40 kilometers to go, we found 4 other totally dead riders that we could work with to get to the finish. Immedietly everyone started calculating how much time we could lose to still make the time cut – and that was around 35 minutes.

Then the we rode by a field of fat, healthy, happy nice-looking cows and the conversation suddenly turned to how we would rather be those cows right now. I think I started it… haha. We came up with quite a few reasons why we would rather of been those cows – many of which I can’t write about.

With 10 kilometers to go, we heard on the radio that Tyler had won yet another stage and the hardest one at that. Ricardo and I started yelling with joy and both decided we no longer wanted to be a cow. All our hard work for the day paid off and we couldn’t have been happier at that point for Tyler and oursleves.
Three more great days to go. BRING IT :)


Garmin-Slipstream, the team of race leader Tyler Farrar, heads the peloton.

Garmin Boys Ward Off Attacks All Day They Lead Peloton.

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