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Interview September 2009

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The Interview

Nathaniel Brewster- “Congratulations on Zabriskie’s win in Missouri. How was it defending the yellow jersey those last couple days? Any close calls?”

Steven Cozza- “Helping to defend DZ’s Yellow Jersey was very tough. I haven’t had to dig that deep in a long time and I loved every little bit of it. I was so tired the day after the race was over we did a ride with our Garmin sponsor. There were 200 people on the ride and I had to get in the car half way thru the ride. I left every last drop of energy I had in the race to help protect Zabriskie’s lead.”

Nathaniel Brewster- “When does the ‘off season’ start?”

Steven Cozza- “Its different for everyone. My off season started the day the Tour of Missouri ended.”

Nathaniel Brewster- “Do you use rollers,trainer or both?”

Steven Cozza- “Only use them when I have a broken bone and can’t ride outside. Otherwise won’t touch them. I enjoy the great outdoors.”

Nathaniel Brewster- “Do you own a tandem? And who would you like to ride one with?”

Steven Cozza- “No I don’t own a tandem, but they are great bikes for the blind to use to enjoy cycling. I helped raise money for the Earle Baum Center of the Blind, in Santa Rosa, California
( to purchase 5 tandem bikes a few years ago. I loved taking a great rider named Sean who was blind out on the tandem whenever I could.”

Nathaniel Brewster- “Have you witnessed changes in the domestic scene with the advent of races like the Tour of Missouri and Tour of California?

Steven Cozza- “I think having more races like the TOC or the TOM in the US is a great idea. The fans are awsome here in the US and it would be great for the domestic scene to get a boost with races like these.”

Nathaniel Brewster- “Those Garmin Edge computers are pretty snazzy. Do you find yourself lost without one?”

Steven Cozza- “I’m an Eagle Scout. One of my favorite off season things to do every year is to walk into the mountains with food and just a sleeping back. Bishop, California is my favorite place to start hikes out of. I dont even bring a map. Having a “Garmin edge” is a great tool to train with. I am so so so glad they are my team’s sponsor. Awsome company and an awsome product line.”

Nathanieal Brewster- “Garmin’s training philosophy seems pretty progressive. Do you have a personal coach and program? Or is your training more team-centric?”

Steven Cozza- “Yes Dario Fredrick ( is my personal coach. He’s help get me through the “ups and downs” of professional cycling. I reccommend him to any serious cyclist and or weekend warrior.”

Nathaniel Brewster- “Ever use those ‘Space Legs’? Do they work?”

Steven Cozza- “I do use them when I can. Do they work? Who knows. I think they help. If anything they look cool and funny to wear.”

Nathaniel Brewster- “Are you a DZ Nuts convert?”

Steven Cozza- “I use DZ Nuts for Shaving Cream. It actually works great.”

Nathaniel Brewster- “In the day’s break at Roubaix ’09. Certainly an accomplishment. Was it as difficult as you imagined?”

Steven Cozza- “I love the Roubaix race. I am addicted and its definetily in my eye for the next ten years. I love the cobbles and feel so at home on them. It was a real pleasure to race in the break all day at my first Paris Roubaix. The fans kick major ass.”

Nathaniel Brewster- “Will you do it again in ’10?”

Steven Cozza- “Yes. I’ll be there in ’10. I know I can be strong in the final for Martijn our classics leader. I want to save myself for the last 80 kilometers to help him win. When my opportunity comes I’ll be ready.”

Nathaniel Brewster- “What’s your favorite ‘hometown’ race?”

Steven Cozza- “Our old Tuesday night crits in Santa Rosa. I sure hope they bring them back.”

Nathaniel Brewster- “How long do you live in Europe each year? Do you speak any foreign languages?”

Steven Cozza- “I only spend the winters months back home. November thru December usually. The rest of the time I am in Spain working on my Spanish.”

Nathaniel Brewster- “How often do you replace your cycling shoes?”

Steven Cozza- “Once every 3-6 months of racing.”

Nathaniel Brewster- “You’ve had your share of injuries as a pro. What’s your advice for those who hit the deck and break something?”

Steven Cozza- “Enjoy your time off. Everytime I break something I always come back stronger and have the best races of my life.”

Nathaniel Brewster- “Does the mustache have performance enhancing qualities?

Steven Cozza- “Yes the mustache gives me “super powers”, ha ha. I cant wait to grow it back for the 2010 season. If you go to my web site on the home page you can print the “stache” to wear at the races I’m in. Hope to see my fans wearing the “stache”.”