Liam Mulcahy Interviews Steven Cozza, Team NetApp

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Liam Mulcahy, founder

Cycle 4 sick Children, Republic of Ireland

January 17, 2011

 Liam: Best and worst thing about being a pro cyclist??

Steven: The best thing about being a pro cyclist is I get to ride my bike for a living.  Worst thing is I am away from my family and friends for long periods of time and I can’t own a dog.

Liam: Are you ever on a climb and think about getting off and kicking the bike to pieces?

Steven: No Never, only the guys bike in front of me. Ha.  I love my Simplon bike and would never kick it. 

Liam: If you weren’t into cycling , what sport would you play?  

Steven: UFC, the Ultimate Fighting Championship – mixed martial arts

Liam: What would be your top piece of advice for all amateur cyclists ?

Steven: Have fun and ride clean
Liam: You Live By your saying “never give up”.  Has there ever been a time you have said enough is enough?  And what makes you “NEVER  GIVE UP” ?

Steven: Yes. Quitting is not an option and I won’t ever give up.  As long as you give it your very best even in defeat you can feel proud that you never gave up and did your very best. Like my Never Give up wrestling video, I was the underdog. I was about to be pinned and I gave it one last effort and won the match. We all face challenges in life many times over. I like to encourage others to never give up no matter what obstacle they face in life.

Liam: What Bike do you Love to Ride?

Steven: Simplon from Austria

Simplon Team NetApp Bike from Austria

Liam: What comes first, chicken or the egg?�

Steven: Neither. The question we should ask is: Can one live without the other? No. They need each other to exist. Just like we as people need one another to exist.

Liam: What is it like at Team NetApp?

Steven: It’s incredible.  Awesome.

Liam: Favorite race of all time?

Steven: All of them. 

Liam: Greatest win of your career to date?

 Steven: My only win as a pro cyclist was a stage at the Vuelta Chihuahua Internacional, Mexico. So that would be my favorite win.

Liam: What age should kids start Racing ?

Steven: When they choose to race.

Liam: Do you support any NFL or Basketball Team if so who ?

Steven: No, but I am a fan of the San Francisco Giants.

Liam: Who is the Biggest Inspiration in your life ?

Steven: Ghandi

Liam: All time greatest Cyclist ever ?

Steven: The ones who choose to race drug free.

Liam: Ever been to Ireland ?

Steven: No, but would like to visit some day.

Liam: Kelly or Roche ?

Steven: Kelly

Liam: How has your family influenced your sporting career?

Steven: They taught me to believe in myself.

Liam: Cycle 4 Sick Children, what is your view?�

Steven: Very cool. It’s our responsibility as human beings on planet earth to help others. It’s the rent we pay for living on earth and Cycle 4 Sick Children is doing this.  To be able to ride your bike and help others is a great thing.

Liam: What is your up take on riders caught doping ?

Steven: It’s sad, but with everything in life you have people who lack integrity and will do anything for their own personal gain. They don’t care how others are affected or how they hurt the sport of cycling.

Thanks for the questions

 Your friend

 Steven Cozza, Team NetApp

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