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December 4, 2009
Written by Steven Cozza

The hard winter of training is in full swing now. I guess I can’t really say “winter” because we still have yet to see winter here in California. I’ve gotten in a little over a solid month of base training this winter and yet to ride in the rain or with cold weather riding gloves. I haven’t even needed shoe booties to keep my feet warm yet.

Between the mountain bike and the road bike, I have had a lot of fun this off-season. There are so many awesome loops here that it takes seriously a month to do them all.

I’m learning a little bit day by day on my up and coming schedule for the racing calendar. First off is a training camp in Valencia, Spain, from January 15th to February 1st. Right after that, I fly to the Tour of Qatar and then the new Tour of Oman, two races in the Middle East. What a change of scenery that will be – from Belgium and French races in the rainy, windy cow-dropping-covered roads, to camels, sand storms and hot weather.

After the Middle East races, I’ll get to fly back to my home-base in Girona, Spain, to meet back up with Jen to look for a new apartment. I’m really looking forward to that and getting all settled in to a new place of our own.

Ok, off to training. I need to start riding camels to get ready for the races in Qatar.


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