Time Trialing into a Maze

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Written by Steven Cozza
August 25, 2009

Today was the last stage of the Tour of Eneco and it was a 13 kilometer time trial. It was one of the most twisting, craziest TTs I have ever done.

I was one of the first riders off and it was still raining, but as the day went on, it dried off. After a whole week of riding the front, I was not about to take any risks at all today. I rode the course super slow, just using it as a recovery day.

The hardest part about the TT was that after the finish, it seemed impossible to find our way back to the buses at the start. It was like several other racers and I had just raced into a crazy maze and needed to find our way out. As we kept getting pointed in different directions, we saw dozens of other racers totally lost too. At one point we actually ended up in a train station! It was pretty funny. I even got back on the race course on accident and was being cheered again by the Dutch fans. Eventualy we spotted the buses at the finish line and made it back. My whole team was laughing and I laughed too when it was their turn and they too all got lost.
This has been a great race for me and my team. I am real glad to be finished with it now heading back across the Atlantic to Greensville for USPRO nationals this coming Sunday. After that, I will go to the Tour of Missouri and then back to Spain. I think I will be really strong from riding the front day after day here this last week.

Off to my airport hotel in Amsterdam…