The Good and the Bad [Guerneville and Gluten]

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Steven Cozza
November 10, 2010

The fall and winter so far have been going great. Northern California has been having great nice and warm sunny days where I have been able to start my training back up. I absolutely love where I live for training in the off season. Not too many other places compare to here for training and good weather.

My new training grounds have been up in Guerneville in west Sonoma county. It’s so great out there because the roads are very quiet and usually just have the cows to dodge. Kings Ridge is a favorite of mine – a great routine ride for me.

My last charity ride I was scheduled to do was this past Sunday and was for the NORCAL Mountain Bike League. It was a great sunny day and I was able to meet a lot of my fans, which is nice, especially on the bike. I have one more ride to do and it is a ride with me that I donated to be auctioned off at the Carousel Fund, a charity that raises money for kids with cancer. The Carousel Fund is one of the charities on my Race for Kids Fan Club list, so I was really happy to be able to support them in anyway possible.

I am now in full swing with my winter training and feeling really good about it. My coach, Dario from Whole Athlete, has set up a great schedule for this November’s workouts and I have had a great time knocking each day’s workout off the calendar.

This time of the year in training is the most important time all year because I’m building a good foundation for a strong upcoming season. It is what carries me through the whole year. It’s very important to not train at too high of an intensity and to never train at too low of an intensity – unless on a rest day.

Monitoring my power and heart rate are very important to helping me stay in the perameters of my coach’s workouts. Without power or heart rate, I could do a 4 hour ride and not achieve anything because I was under zones I need to be in. Or, I could be working too hard and then not build up the proper parts of my fitness for this time in the year.

I am about 4 weeks into my training now and so far I am have been on par with where I need to be. My health and digestion are back on track, which is a great feeling as well. Today, in fact, I am going to some crazy medicine man for a check-up to make sure my body is in balance. I am not sure what I think of this guy’s program, but it will be interesting to hear what he has to say – at the very least.

I took this allergy test called the ALCAT test and it revealed that I am severely allergic to gluten. Since I am now cooking without Gluten, it has been quite a challenge but very funny and at sometimes weird tasting. At first my buckwheat pancakes tasted like shoe rubber patties, but now I’ve altered the reciped a tad and they have a bit more fluff to them.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention I am supposed to cut out dairy too. Imagine that now. Gluten free, plus, dairy-free pancakes. I make a good pancake now, but man it was bad until I mastered it. I also make a killer gluten-free, dairy-free banana bread which I use on my longer rides along with my Cliff bars, of course.

Builder bars by Cliff Bar are my favorite at the moment. The Chocolate Mint one is killer. Now these are not 100% gluten-free, but I am not a Celiac, so small traces of gluten are fine – as long as I am not directly ingesting gluten like a bowl of spaghetti. I now have brown rice noodle spaghetti and it tastes awesome anyways.

Well off to the crazy medicine man.

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  1. Sean OKelley says:

    Silk Soy Milk is Gluten Free and Dairy Free too and (to me) it tastes just like Milk. The chocolate tastes just like the real deal.

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