Steven Cozza: Team NetApp in 2011

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 Friday, October 08, 2010

Being at the race Paris – Bourges last Thursday we took the chance to talk to Steven Cozza who’ll be joining Team NetApp in 2011, when he stepped out of the race, after being in a break with our rider Jan Barta right from the start of the race until the buffet.


What do you know about Team NetApp so far?

From my first races they seem very well organized. And it was cool being in a break with Jan. At least for a little bit until I started cramping. I never had cramps in my life before, so that was pretty depressing but Jan looked strong. I am sure he will continue on well in the race. It’s been a horrible day for me. But I am already looking forward to next year. The Team looks cool and I am exciting to go to the team help them grow.

What are your expectations, are there any races you ‘d prefer?

It would be cool if the team could get some of the classics. Like the spring classics, hopefully the Tour of California that would be great and maybe the Tour of Colerado. I think it will be cool to be racing with an up and coming team because I know everybody is gonna be really motivated and everybody is gonna have a real good attitude. I think that’s important. It is good for me, it ‘s good for the team and it’s good for the sponsor.

Did it matter that Team NetApp has a US company as a sponsor?

It didn’t matter so much but it’s cool that they are from California. It’s good to race for a good sponsor that’s close to home. The Tour of California just announced their stages and the tour passes by the headquarters of NetApp close to San Jose. That’ll be great then if we can get into that race. I’ve done the race three times now. It is a good time of the year, the weather is great and it would be good for the team.

How important is your families’ support to you?

Well, sometimes it can be very overwhelming (laughs). My dad helps me a lot with my race for kids fan club, which is cool because I really believe in that and it is motivating for me.

What do you do for your kids charity?

People can join my fan club by donating. All my fans can donate certain money to different youth charities for disadvantage children around the world so it’s global and there are over 20 charities on there. In return they get like an autographed card and they also get into our internal draw every month to win certain prizes like signed jerseys. Right now I raised over 8,000 USD in just under a year.

Paris – Bourges has been the first race for you racing with Team NetApp. Were you curious and did you check out our riders?

I met some of the guys, like Jan (Barta) and Andreas (Schillinger), but I didn’t get much time because right from the beginning I went in the break with Jan but I’ll get to meet them in November. I met the young guy from Belgium, too, Dimitri Claeys. So he is a funny guy. He seemed cool. He just came over and said hi.

So mid November Team NetApp will have its team meeting. What are your expectations regarding the team meeting?

I was gonna stay in Europe but since I never get to see my parents I just fly home for three weeks and come back for the team meeting. It’s a lot of flying but it’ll be worth it. I think it will be fun to just meet everybody before the season gets on the way. In addition we’ll have a training camp in January on Mallorca. I’ve never been in my live on Mallorca so that will be fun too. I look forward to that.

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