Single-track Awesomeness and Fridged Temperatures Or A Popsicle On Two Wheels

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December 9,2009
Written by Steven Cozza

In my last update, I was writing about how it still is not winter here and how I don’t even need to wear gloves. Ha ha ha! I think I totally jinxed myself because yesterday I started my ride in 28 degree weather. I don’t think I have ever ridden out when it was that cold here in California. We have definitely got a good freeze going on because its another cold one today. I was like a popsicle on two wheels yesterday rolling through the Sonoma County countryside.

This past weekend, on the other hand, was still really nice so my coach and his girlfriend decided to spend the weekend with Jen and me up at the cabin. It’s always fun training with Dario because he must be one of the fittest coaches around. I had my climbing workout on Saturday, so we rode out to the coast and did all the really awesome coastal climbs around Jenner.

It was an awesome day with no fog, so the views of the rocky Sonoma coast were awesome. Jenner is a small town at the mouth of the Russian River. On the beach below the town, large numbers of seals rest before diving back into the sea for their next fishing trip. Many salmon and steelhead swim up the Russian River around this time to spawn – that is if they are not eaten first by a 500lb seal. It is always fun to see these packs of seals napping on the beach as I ride by.

On Sunday we went out for a killer mountain bike ride out of Occidental. The single track out there is just out of this world. Super, super tight trails with really nice barely-ridden on topsoil. After doing close to 3 hours up there we finished on this single track trail that actually goes through a redwood tree. It’s totally awesome. All of the sudden you’re ripping down this 20-30 minute downhill single track and then towards the bottom you ride through a tree. There are really great trails but just about impossible to find unless you are shown where all of them are.

Today will be another frigid ride. It should be a bit warmer because I have 6×8 minute intervals at 330watts and 5×15 minutes at my upper zone 2 and a total of 4 hours to complete. It’s not so cold if you’re always having to push the pedals really good during the ride.

The winter holiday season is here!

Happy holidays everyone,


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