Riding Through Cotton Fields with Jen Close Behind

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December 27, 2009
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Steven Cozza

Dario and I planned my training so that I would have a rest week over Christmas. Jen’s parents’ place in Georgia has been a great place to relax for a week before heading back across the pond to Spain to meet up with my team and the early season training camp in Valencia, Spain.

One of my favorite things about cycling is being able to travel the world and ride in different environments. Right now here in Georgia, even though it doesn’t snow, it looks as if it almost has when riding on roads through the cotton fields. I rode by my first ever cotton field the other day and it was really cool. In Northern California, it is always grape vines, so it was a real shock to the eye to see acre after acre covered in a sea of really bright white cotton balls.

Jen’s dad has a really nice yellow tandem bike they call “the school bus” and I call “a big banana.” It has been a lot of fun going out on rides with Jen close behind. It is so cool being able to take her on my training rides with me.

I tend to forget that she has to pedal too though, so I occasionally get the jab to the rear end and then hear the words, “Slow down. My legs are going to fall off my body if you keep pedaling this fast.” Lance once said a tandem bike is a divorce machine and that can be very true I guess but for Jen and I it has been a great communication builder, haha. I am quite impressed on her ability on the bike actually for not having ridden for most of the winter. I really look forward to some of our recovery rides together in the warm Spanish evening air.

Today I am going out for a ride with the local bike shop riders. I’m looking forward to riding with some of the locals around here on some of their favorite routes. It has been fun going out and exploring by myself (because I have the Garmin Edge to help me find my way with ease), but it’s always nice to just be able to zone out and enjoy conversation while out training here in the South.

Some interesting training reports are soon to come about my team’s training camp in Valencia.
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  1. Mike F. says:

    Enjoyed the ride. I didn’t ride the full route with you, but that was the first time I’ve had the chance to ride/speak with a Pro Tour rider. Best of luck this year and we’ll be following your success.

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