Off Season Every Second Counts

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Written by Steven Cozza
September 28, 2009

Since the Tour of Missouri, this has been a great off-season. I have learned so much about what I can and can’t eat in order to recover from my GI tract problems. I’ve had a problem with IBS all season long and am finally learning how to heal myself and am healing myself well. I started working with a nutritionist and even did an Ayurvedic cleanse this past week that my Coach Dario’s friend help me set up. On top of all this, I have been taking yoga classes 2 to 3 times a week.

It was a truly frustrating year for me, but now with everything coming under control with my GI tract, all the hard work and research have really paid off. My whole way of eating has changed as a result of getting IBS – and that is a really good thing. After reading so many books and educating myself more on what people put into their mouths, I can’t believe it! It should be illegal to feed people some of the stuff that is on the shelf in stores. All the preservatives and unnatural ingredients in foods these days is just straight poison for our bodies. We are not robots or machines, we are living human beings but a lot of the food that is sold to the public is not made for healthy human consumption. Since I have started eating fresher, local, mostly organic all natural foods, I have been feeling so much better inside and out.

My final breaking point was when I was relaxing up at my parents cabin along the Russian River here in Sonoma county when I went to look in the freezer. I saw some popcicles in there that said “all natural fruit juice” on the box. I went to look at the ingredients like I always do in order to protect myself from the poisonous foods out there and I counted over 65 ingredients in one freakin’ popcicle. What the heck man! Why does a fruit popcicle have 65 ingredients in it? That is insanity to me.

So to make a long story short I put healthier foods into my mouth now.

Besides all the yoga and picking foods apart at the grocery store, I’ve been getting in some shark fishing out at my favorite bay in the world, Tomalas Bay. The other day my dad, sister Anne¬†and I went out and caught three 4-5 ft. leapord sharks. It was such an awsome day. There were seals everywhere swimming all around us. We even hand-fed a couple. Henry, my pelican friend, was out there and came up to our boat again for some fresh fish. He seems to be out there every time I am shark fishing. I caught a good sized Smelt for him and fed it to him while he sat in my lap. He’s like my pet that I can just leave at the bay and visit whenever I want. Animals really bring me great happiness in life.

Something else that brings me great happiness in my life is my girlfriend, Jen, who is moving from Georgia to live with me here in California in just a couple of weeks. I’m really excited that we finally get to live together. It’s been a challenging year in this long distance relationship and finally this winter we won’t have to worry about the distance anymore.

With everything going on, the off-season will come to an end pretty fast. My coach and I have already planned a great winter of base training and I look forward to logging in some pretty solid miles this winter.

Thanks for reading,

Steven Cozza


Anne Cozza’s “Big Catch and Release” Leopard Shark

Steven also caught a leopard shark and then watched him swim away!


Papa Scott Cozza caught a few smelt fish.


Steven sits with his friend Henry Pelican. Henry, Anne, Scott and Steven had lunch together on Tomales Bay

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