My Road To Recovery

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May 10, 2011

To Cycling Fans

I have been diagnosed with a Parasite and a Yeast infection of the Intestines (Candida Albicans). I have been having stomach problems for sometime now so I am happy that the Doctors have found out the root of the problems.

My Team NetApp is very supportive and I expect to make a full recovery. My goal is to be back racing by June. I am greatly disappointed that I cannot take place in the Tour of California. On the other hand I am very happy to finally know what is wrong with my health and that I have a chance to get back to racing like I use too. The lucky thing is this is a long season and there are still many races to be raced. I just need to make sure I am back to 100% before I put my body through the stress of racing again. My Doctor is helping me with my treatment. I have just finished taking anti parasitic medication and now I am about to start the anti fungal medication to help cure me of the Candida Albicans infection.

I just can’t wait to feel good again on the bike and am very motivated to do all I can to make this happen.

Steven Cozza
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  1. Jerry Deas says:


    You will be in my prayers and I am asking the prayers of the community of St. Andrew.

    Prayer is a powerful weapon to help you wipe these maladies from your system.

    You are in my thoughts for a speedy recovery and a return to the race.


    Jerry Deas
    Portland, Oregon

  2. Johan Van Raemdonck says:

    Hi Steven!
    Nice to hear that you getting well now the doctor fund a remedy for your health problem.Hoping you will recover completely and you be able to race like you always like to.Keep fingers cross!I also think you will be racing even better than before.I often got down because of mental and or psychologial problems,I always worked myself up again and came back better.I am now in the preparation to ride Milano-San Remo in June this year.looking forward to it.I still hope to meet you at the club house in Kelmis some day.
    Wishing you a fast recovery and all the best!
    Your belgian fan and friend,Johan

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