Full Swing in Calpe, Spain or “No Entrada”

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January 21, 2010
Written by Steven Cozza

Today we got to go out and test out our sweet TT bikes. It was a tough workout, but worth it. We get a little break now and then go out again to do a sprint workout. After that, it’s massages and then dinner!

I have to say it’s pretty sweet being a pro cyclist. We wake up and eat an awesome breakfest that has been made just for us. Then hop on our bikes, do a workout, come back and eat more awesome food that is prepared for us. Then we take naps or head to the hotel spa for a massage and then we enjoy dinner before turning the lights out and going to bed in our perfectly made and prepared rooms.

In fact, it’s beginning to make me a bit mad. We have some obsessive compulsive housekeeping here. They go as far as to fold both Danny’s and my clothes. The other day, I came back to the room to find a pair of Dannys underwear nicely folded in a stack of my nicely folded clothes. So I thought I had a fail-proof tactic today – I went as far as to construct a blockade in the room with chairs and I put a note up that said, “solo el bano, por favor. No ENTRADA.” Well, that didn’t work. They just tore past the sign, broke through the baracades and went to town. This is war!

On a better note, I’m glad I can finally eat the oatmeal now that they are not soaking it in milk. It took us 5 days to get them to do that. Whoop, whoop! I hate to be a pain, but it’s important that I stay gluten and dairy-free for my body to function properly.

The sun is always shining here in Calpe and I am feeling great on the bike, so all is good in Spain. My heart goes out to all the people of Haiti. I wish there was more I could do to help. If you get the chance, please make a donation to American Red Cross or www.haitichildren.com. If you send one to the Haiti Children’s relief fund, you can get a nice tax write-off and become a member of my Race For Kids Fan Club. It’s a win-win!

Off for our second ride of the day – sprint workout time. Hoorah.


2 Responses to “Full Swing in Calpe, Spain or “No Entrada””

  1. phil says:

    saw you fellas at the top of castel de guadelest last saturday. i was the touro taking photos on his mobile phone as you all crested the climb. impressive ‘stache’! How many watts on average up that climb do you pull? was my fellow country man, mr dean with you?

    hasta manana

  2. Steven Cozza says:

    Hi Phil,

    Great place to ride out there. I had a really great time training down in that part of Spain with my teamates. I think Julean was still in Australia at the Tour Down Under then. On any given climb we are pushing anywhere from 300 watts to as high as 450 plus watts. If we were all together in a group then we were probably riding in the low 300 watt range. Training with our new Garmins with the SRM Power was totally awsome.

    Take care Phil and be sure to join my Race For Kids Fan Club when you get the chance. All kinds of great prizes can be won including an authentic team jersey with all our signatures on it.


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