Down Time After Training Camp and Before Qatar

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February 1, 2010
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Steven Cozza

During the 3 hour wait I had while my car was being serviced, I took the time to go on a little adventure into the heart of Olot. Olot is an ancient mountain villiage surounded by volcanos and it just happens to be the place I purchased my awesome, fuel-efficient European car.

To make the surrounding area even more amazing, it snowed last night here (very unusual), so everything is covered with a fine layer of bright white. As I wandered deeper and deeper down the old ancient stone-covered streets, I felt as if I was going back in time. I walked on and came into a clearing much like a town square. In the middle were hundreds of people and lots and lots of food stands. It was a bustling Monday market here in Olot.

Lucky for me, I just had walked into an outdoor produce store. I love fruit and veggies and it doesn’t get fresher and more local than this. I learned that it sure can be hard to get something because it is so crowded and I am always amidst people speaking fluent Catalun. I eyed some prize sweet potatos and determined to bring them home with me for dinner, I wiggled my way in among all the grandmas. They sure are tough when it comes to getting a spot in line, haha! On a side note, the quality and way of life here is just incredible and its no wonder these people live so long.

I did manage to score some sweet potatoes that I think I’ll try barbequing tonight. It’s now time to get walking again. It’s going to be a challenge just trying to find where I dropped my car off. Where is my Garmin when I need it?!


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