Back to Spain (and still not able to speak Spanish)

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January 8, 2010
Written by
Steven Cozza

So far my transition back into Spain has been great. I finally like hearing Lady Ga Ga and her “Paparazzi” song on the radio. Back in the states, I couldn’t stand hearing that one on the radio, but over here it is by far the best song on the air. 

What a small world this is. I got on the plane and sitting right next to me was Ted King from the Cervelo Test team. We were both shocked.

Driving back into Girona was surreal. One minute in Georgia and the next in Girona, Spain. Very, very, weird. Going from speaking English fluently to speaking Spanish like a 2 year old child is quite the life experience. At least I can feel young again going back to the days when I couldn’t speak English. One of these days, I will conquer the Spanish language and speak to all my friends over here with more than just saying, “hi, how are you?”, and then translating the rest with made-up sign language. 

After getting all my stuff moved out of my old apartment, I headed over to Svein’s (my Canadian teammate) house in Banyoles where I will be staying the 9 days before I leave for camp and until I can find a place to live in the rest of the year. It is a huge house and nicer than any place that I have ever stayed in over here. They have a cat that I am feeding for them which is a little creepy. I love every kind of animal in the world, but I have always had issues with cats. On top of it, I am allergic to them. This particular cat paces back and forth outside and just stares in at me like it wants to eat me. Everytime I go outside to feed him or come back from a ride, he rubs all over my legs as if he wants to be my friend. I think he is starting to soften my heart. This morning when I saw a white stray cat swooping in to steal his food, I stood up for him and scared the stray away so he could eat his breakfast in peace.  Its only been 3 days having to take care of a cat, but who knows, maybe by the 10th I will like cats.  I doubt it… 

So far the weather has been really bad, but I was able to get a good solid dry day in the other day. The forecast looks good for the weekend, so I got a couple hard days coming up. Tomorrow I am going for a good climbing workout on the Cobra, a good climb for doing intervals. Just a couple more hard days and then on we go to Valencia, Spain. 


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3 Responses to “Back to Spain (and still not able to speak Spanish)”

  1. Steve Woo says:

    Hola Steven,

    Have a great training camp. Say hi to Ted King for me. He might remember me from the TestTest Travel tours I helped with last year. Of course say hi to my old friend CV for me.

    Buenos Suerte y hasta luego.



  2. Steven Cozza says:

    Hi Steve,

    Will do. What a small world the cycling world is. Have a Happy new year.


  3. Mamacita says:

    We love your stories Stevo! It makes us all feel like we’re chatting live and listening to what your days are like as a cyclist. Thanks for taking the time to keep us all in the loop. Hugs, Mamacita

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