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Coloring for Kids-Steven Cozza Gives Back

Written by Yuri Hauswald

February 19, 2011

Cozza is riding for Team NetApp in 2011.
(Not his official team kit or beard….)


I turned on my computer this morning to check cycling news like I do everyday and was greeted by, surprise, surprise, another Spanish doping scandal. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting tired of all the doping stories in the cycling press these days. On one hand, I’m  hopeful and optimistic that the efforts put forth by  various governing bodies and local police forces will genuinely help clean up one of the most beautiful sports in the world, while the cynic in me feels that the culture of doping is so ingrained in cycling that it will be impossible to fully eradicate. This is why I decided to focus on some positive news coming out of the Pro Tour peloton, newsworthy of attention, but, unfortunately, probably won’t be mentioned because it isn’t scandalous and doesn’t involve EPO, Lance Armstrong, poorly stored blood bags or drug trafficking rings.

Local Pro Tour rider, Steven Cozza(Team NetApp), is involved with two projects that not only speak volumes about his character and compassionate nature, but, more importantly, provide a ray of sunshine in this miasma of doping gloom and remind us that there are clean cyclists out there doing good things for the sport and their local communities. According to the press release: This is the first ever cycling coloring book for children! Steven Cozza, Professional Cyclist for Team NetApp, has authored a cycling coloring book for kids called Steven Cozza Race for Kids Cycling Coloring Book.  All proceeds from Steven’s cycling coloring book will go to his Race for Kids program which donates all monies to selected children’s charity (s).  The purpose of the cycling coloring book is to raise funds for children’s charities globally, to provide children positive self-esteem enhancing messages and to teach them about the sport of cycling. Cozza states that “ my coloring book is another way to raise money to help disadvantaged children throughout the world. I hope parents and guardians enjoy it with their children.” For more information on Steven’s efforts to help children’s charities world wide, please click here.

The other project that Steven has undertaken in his “spare time”, is the creation of  the Giro Bello Classic,  a fundraising cycling event that will have four different routes through Sonoma County, with all the net proceeds going to benefit the Santa Rosa Rotary’s Polio Plus eradication program  and the Institute for Myeloma and Bone Cancer Research. Steven Cozza’s Giro Bello Classic takes place on June 25th.If you think you’d like to ride for two great causes, more information can be found here.

Thanks Steven, for giving me something positive to write about today, and all of us something positive to ride for in June. Now go ride your bike!

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