Guestbook is a forum for Steven's fans to leave him a message. Steven loves to hear from his fans. The Guestbook provides fans a great opportunity to leave Steven an encouraging message before and after races or just to say hello.


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Cozza Guestbook

Jeanette RC wrote at March 3, 2010:
Happy 25th Birthday Stevo!
25 five years ago, I would never have dreamed my only son would turn out like you! What an incredible gift you have been to our family; Dad, Me and Anne! Best wishes to an amazing guy! Love you forever and always, Mamacita
Bruce and Pam Smith from Ventura ,California wrote at March 3, 2010:
Happy Birthday Steven from Bruce and Pam your Fans in Ventura Ca.
Look forward to following your career throughout 2010.
all the Best.
Anne cozza wrote at March 3, 2010:
Happy birthday brother! Love u so much!!! lOVE ur new tee shirts"never give up!" hope you are having a GREAT birthday!!! Sending u love!!!
Love, me....Anne
Grandma Julie from San Francisco, California wrote at March 3, 2010:
You are in my thoughts, you are in my prayers, and you are in my heart. I love you! Grandma
John Vines wrote at March 3, 2010:
Aloha and Happy Birthday Steven!
I enjoyed watching the winter Olympics, but waiting to see you in the summer Olympics. Until then, have a good and safe year. God Bless.
-Uncle John Patrick
Rob & Judy wrote at March 3, 2010:
Happy 25th Steven! Judy & I are pulling for you to make a full and complete recovery. It just will not be the same following cycling until you are back with the Garmin Transitions boys, leading the peloton! Hope you and Jen have a great day!
All the best, Rob & Judy
Aunt Cathy from San Francisco wrote at March 3, 2010:
Happy Birthday! Why does it seem like yesterday when the telephone rang shortly after you arrived? Most enjoyable 25 years of my life. Thank you.
Anthony Clarkson wrote at March 2, 2010:
Hey Steven !
Wishing you a VERY SPECIAL Birthday from Lincolnshire England and Englands Biggest GARMIN Slipstream Fan ! Trust you are healing as Quickly as you Time Trial . Can`t wait to have you back for The Classics ..
Take Care AC
Jerry Deas wrote at March 2, 2010:
A quarter of a century. WOW. I remember when you were so much younger challenging the Boy Scouts and standing up for what you beleive and I was and I am so very proud of you. You are such a great inspiration to so many young people and now comes March 3, 2010.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Steven. May this your very special day bring you lots of love and happiness. You deserve it for sure. My very best from the two of us here in Portland, Oregon.
Tom & Jerry
David Knapp wrote at March 2, 2010:
Have a great 25th birthday. You are one of my heros who started SFA.I still tell people your story-a 12 y.o. heterosexual B.S. who had the courage to challenge Goliath! We need many, many more like you!!Hope you are still enjoying your birthdays as much as I am at 83.
Much love and hugs,
Dave Knapp
Scott Cozza wrote at March 2, 2010:
Happy birthday buddy. Big 25! You are such a loving person. I'm very proud of you. You are a gift to the world. Steven take it slow coming back. You'll be out there in the peloton before you know it. You'll be out there protecting your teammates by chasing down attacks, attacking and breaking away. You bring excitement to the peloton. Mom and I will be wearing your Cozza "Never Give Up" T shirt cheering you on. Love you with all my heart. dad :-)
Erik Ling from USA wrote at March 2, 2010:
Can't wait too see you rip the classics! Get Well Soon!
Chirs W wrote at March 2, 2010:
I just wanted to say Happy early Birthday.....Get well soon and ride hard in the classics.
Steve Woo wrote at February 16, 2010:
Wishing you the best on the road to a speedy recovery!
Mark Frank wrote at February 10, 2010:
I can't imagine the frustration you must be feeling. All I can do is keep sending the positive vibes your way and I hope to see you on the cobblestones real soon. I hope you have a speedy recovery.
Jen's Aunt from Kentucky wrote at February 10, 2010:
Steven, we are so sorry to learn of your accident but have faith that you will return stronger than ever! We have become huge fans just listening to Jen's tales of your adventures together.
michael rochlin wrote at February 9, 2010:
Steve sorry to hear about your collar bone...stay positive man your time will come,your a champion brotha.Hope all is well.Say hi to your parents for me
Curtis Chow from Mercy Medical Center, Redding wrote at December 27, 2009:
Being seeing you at the Tour of California. I think you and Johan, the new guy, Van Summeren should hammer out an early stage like the Sacramento or Santa Rosa one. Levi will be gunning for Santa Rosa, but hey, you're a Petaluma guy so go for it! Look for the kid with the goofy hat. That will be my son watching. Like we did on Cardiac Hill in Davis. It was pouring rain last year and he had a 103 temp. but the look on CVVs face upon seeing a goofy hat in the pouring rain was priceless and my son Cameron had a great stories to tell.
Brian wrote at September 3, 2009:
Glad you are back to updating your 'blog' on the new site. Looks good, enjoy the end of season races and best of luck next year!
Rob & Judy wrote at August 22, 2009:
Steven - Great job at Eneco! Sounds like your form is good. Keep up the fine work for the Team ... and your fans!!