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Race for Kids Good Deed Doers

Hey kids(ages 5-17)! It's important to be kind to others and also animals and to care for our earth. Let me know what "Good Deed" you have done to help make the world a better place. Just write to me describing what "Good Deed" you did. I'll make sure your name and description of what you did is posted on my web site so can be a good example for other kids. If you include your photo I'll post it along with your "Good Deed" description. You know if each of us do  "Good Deeds" we can change the world to become an even better place where we can all feel safe and live happy lives. 

For your "Good Deed" I'll send you a surprise gift. It's my way of saying thank you for being such a brave and caring person. Make sure you include a mailing address I can send your gift to. 

Complete the form and email me your "Good Deed" description.

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