Fun For Kids

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"Hey kids, I worked so hard at training camp I shrunk."

Fun Stuff For Kids

“Hey kids! This “Fun for Kids” place on my website, I made for girls and boys like you to have fun. You can print out a “Stache” and wear it for fun. During the racing season I grow a mustache for the fun of it. You can also print a page from my Steven Cozza Race For Kids Cycling Coloring Book and color it in. Send or Email me a copy of it and I’ll post it on this web page and send you an autographed photo of myself. You can also win a prize for doing a good deed. Write me about the good deed you did and I’ll post your letter on this web page with the other Good Deed Doers. I’ll also send you a prize for being so nice helping to make the world a better place. So kids have fun and stop by and say hello if you go to one of my races. I race all around the world. So my next race may be close to where you live! Hope to see you at the next race!”  Steven Cozza :-)

The “Cozza Stache”

Show your support for Steven at his next race by wearing the “Cozza Stache”! Just click on the image to download. Print it, cut it out, attach it (with tape), and wear proudly!

UPDATE: Team Cozza will be looking for you at Tour of California, May 2011. Wear your “Cozza Stache” and if we spot you, you’ll get an autographed photo of Steven!

Cozza 'stache

Steven Cozza Race for Kids Cycling Coloring Book

“I hope you enjoy my cycling coloring book.  I know I sure liked to color when I was a child and still enjoy it to this day.

The purpose for creating my Steven Cozza Race For Kids Cycling Coloring Book is to teach children about the sport of professional cycling, to provide children positive self-esteem enhancing messages and to create a means to gather donations for disadvantaged children throughtout the world through my Race for Kids Fan Club program.

My coloring book is made available by donating to my Race for Kids program to get an autographed paperback copy. All Race for Kids donations from the coloring book will be given to my Steven Cozza Race For Kids program selected children’s charities or to individual children and their families at the beginning of each racing season. We are asking a minimum donation of $20 for each Steven Cozza autographed coloring book.”

If you’d like to make a donation and receive a paperback copy, simply make your check out to Steven Cozza Race For Kids and send your donation to:

Steven Cozza, Professional Cyclist
Steven Cozza Race For Kids�
PO Box 2752
Petaluma, CA 94953

*In addition to your enclosed donation, please be sure to include a mailing address to which I can send my Steven Cozza Race for Kids Cycling Coloring Book.

“Together we care and together we can make dreams come true for disadvantaged children.” – Steven Cozza, Professional Cyclist

Race For Kids Coloring Book

Click above to download the PDF

Race for Kids Drawings

Hey kids(ages 5-17)! Want to see your drawing on my web site? Ok, then just send me your drawing from my cycling coloring book and i’ll make sure it gets posted for other kids to see. If you include a photo I’ll post it next to your drawing.

Complete the form and include your email address. My team will respond to you with an email address to email your drawing or you can mail me your drawing to:

Steven Cozza, Professional Cyclist
Steven Cozza Race For Kids
PO Box 2752
Petaluma, California, USA

Drawing Form

Race for Kids Good Deed Doers

Hey kids(ages 5-17)! It’s important to be kind to others and also animals and to care for our earth. Let me know what “Good Deed” you have done to help make the world a better place. Just write to me describing what “Good Deed” you did. I’ll make sure your name and description of what you did is posted on my web site so you can be a good example for other kids. If you include your photo I’ll post it along with your “Good Deed” description. You know if each of us do  “Good Deeds” we can change the world to become an even better place where we can all feel safe and live happy lives.

For your “Good Deed” I’ll send you a surprise gift. It’s my way of saying thank you for being such a brave and caring person. Make sure you include a mailing address I can send your gift to.

Complete the form and email me your “Good Deed” description.

Good Deed Doer Form

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  2. admin says:

    Congrats on the finish of a great coloring book. I know how long you all have been at it and how proud you must all be to have such a great thing to share with the children of the world.

    Well done!

    Gene Berman

  3. jackson garner says:

    Thank you for coming to my classroom today- your sister is my student teacher. Thanks for autographing 3 things for me! It was fun meeting you.

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