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“Never Give Up!”

“Never Give Up” from scott cozza on Vimeo.

Everyone at one time or another in life face harships or obsticles that may seem overwhelming. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help from a friend or someone you trust. You can be proud of yourself for Never Giving Up and always trying your best no matter what the result.

Learn To Ride A Bike or “I Feel Happy of Myself!”

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We all can learn to ride a bike. If we practice we can do anything. We can even help change the world to make it an even better place. As the little boy with the passion of a lion says – “Believe in yourself and you can learn to ride a bike.” With the time we are given on this planet let’s find the courage to love so we can help make the world a better place and even to learn how to ride a bike…

Steven Cozza Giro Bello Classic June 25, 2011

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Sign up for Steven’s fund-raiser by going to 

Registration fees go directly to 2 Causes Lifesaving Bone Cancer Research and End Polio Now

Steven Cozza 30 Second Video PSA:

Sophie Our Daughter Our Angel

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Cycle 4 Sick Children Cycling Club of Ireland are folks making a difference in the lives of children who have severe and life threatening illnesses. Sophie was their inspiration and now they are Sophie and other children’s hope. They raise money through cycling to help sick children.

Steven Cozza says, “Sophie is an angel because she brought people together bonded by compassion, caring and unconditional love to help children in need. You can do the same in your community. Don’t let a day go by without reaching out to a child, the elderly or any other person who is disadvantaged, who is in need. As a people it is the least we can do for our fellow human beings.”

Visiting The Team NetApp House In Germany

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This video is in German with Ralph Denk, Team Manager and Jens Heppner, Sport Director

2011 Road Race Cycling Season

Steven Cozza: Before and After, 2008 Road Race Worlds, Italy

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Watch Steven Cozza, before and after in Olympic Sports  |  View More Free Videos Online at
Steven Placed 23rd in a field of the best cyclists in the World.

Bookwalter, BMC and Cozza Ride With Team Swift Nov. 2009

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Bookwalter and Cozza Ride With Team Swift from CycleTo on Vimeo.

Cozza: Good Memories 2010 Tour of California

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Training Tour of Missouri 2008

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Steven Cozza says “Success on the bike is a mix of having fun and training our butts off.”

Cozza Off Season 2009: “Always Having to Raise Your Game”

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Cozza – “Always Having To Raise Your Game” from CycleTo on Vimeo.

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