2012 Training Camp January 11-22, Mallorca, Spain

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"I'm an aggressive, enthussiastic rider who is prepared to give everything for success."

Never Forget Your Roots

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Steven Team Swift 2003 Race in Solano County

“Always remember where you came from. Special thanks to Coach Laura Charameda and Team Swift. Laura was my first coach and taught me cycling fundamentals that have helped me as a professional cyclist. Go Team Swift!” – Steven Cozza, Team NetApp

Prolog Individual TT Driedaage Van West-Vlaanderen, 2.1, Belgium, March 4th

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"The Individual Time Trial Is The Race of Truth"

Omloo Het Nieuwsbald, 1.HC, Belgium, February 26

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Before Race: Team Presentation

"You Have To Love It To Do It" - ran, snow, wind, ice, cold, heat...

"In The Zone"

Steven and Jen Go On Another Adventure This Time It’s The Akea Store

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February 16, 2011

For Steven life is an Adventure even at the Akea store in Girona, Spain

February 7th, Trofeo Cala Millor-Cala, 1.1, Mallorca, Spain

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Steven Won the Sprint Jersey and Best Combination Classification

"A Very Happy Smile" Stage 2 Mallorca, Spain

Steven asks, "Are there any good fishing spots around here?"


"Ready to Rumble"

"Staying Focused On One Objective - A Win for Team NetApp"

"It's everything you got for the team."

"Stepped on the Gas"


Trofeo Inca-Inca "It's a Battle"


Trofeo Magaluf-Palmanova "Conquer The Mountain"


Trofeo Magaluf-Palmanova "Never Give Up!"

Steven, Jen and Mamacita Enjoying Beauty of Winter

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After a hard training day Steven enjoys lunch at Tomales Bay with Jen and Mamacita Dec. 2010

Steven and Jen enjoying an evening with nature at Bodega Bay, California

Jen and Steven Kayak Adventure, Nov. 2011

Jen in kayak says, "Steven, let's check out the stump"

There is beauty in everything, even in a stump


Steven is cross training in the Russian River while on his Kayak Adventure with his fiance Jen

Team NetApp Presentation, Amsterdam

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Steven being interviewed


Riders waiting to be introduced


Proud to race a Simplon bike!!!

Steven's Teammates

Management being interviewed

Team NetApp 2011 Training Camp Mallorca, Spain

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Simplon Team NetApp Bike from Austria

Steven's Teammates 1st Day Training Camp, Mallorca, Spain

First Day Training Camp Mallorca, Spain

Steven says he loves the Simplon "ride"

"Break Time"

"Around We Go"

"Now everyone say Cheese."

"Where's the water!"

Steven says, "We worked hard today. My teammates and I are focused and determined!"

"Team NetApp will become a force to reckon with in the 2011 peloton."

"Team NetApp One for All and All for One!"

"Bike Talk"

"Good Times"


Steven says, "I lost so much weight at training camp my favorite sun glasses don't fit any longer." - "Home Sweet Home"


We Made It to the Top of the World: Memories from Nepal

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Namesti to you from Mt Chomolungma (Mt. Everest)

Steven with Dad, Scott at Mt. Everest Base Camp October 29, 2004

 “Om Mani Padme Hum” (Hail the jewel in the lotus) is a six syllable mantra of Avlokiteswara, one who is involked as the savior and the protector from danger. One who recites this mantra, will be saved from all dangers and will be protected.

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