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Coach’s Corner

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“I’ve always had proper guidance coming up through the ranks in cycling, from my junior Team Swift days to the USA National Team and now with Pro Tour Team Garmin/Transitions. I believe a coach is a vital key to reaching one’s full potential and to me that’s what its all about – reaching full potential.

My coach, Dario, and I have worked closely year after year to optimize my performance. My goal in cycling has always been to do the best I can, and Dario and his coaching program have helped me to do that. Whole Athlete is unique in that it really does encompass the whole athlete – from personalized training programs, testing, fittings, yoga and much more.

I believe the most important quality in a coach is his or her ability to work closely, sometimes day by day, to achieve the best training possible for the athlete. This is especially crucial because in cycling, along with other sports, an athlete experiences many great ups and many unfortunate downs. Through dedication, intelligence and experience, Dario and Whole Athlete have been able to increase my ups and decrease the amount of time I’m down.

I highly recommend Dario Fredrick as a first-class cycling coach and Dario’s Whole Athlete program. With proper coaching and hard work, you’ll give yourself the best shot at reaching your full potential.”

Steven Cozza, Professional Elite Cyclist
Pro Continental Team, Team NetApp

Dario In Italy

Dario In Italy

Whole Athlete

Whole Athlete

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Coaching Philosophy

Our goal is to help athletes become “whole” in their approach to sport, wellness and life. Without optimal health in both body and mind, the athlete cannot reach his or her potential. We encourage balance between athletics and other areas in one’s life and espouse the principles of yoga philosophy in our approach. These principles include non-harming, truthfulness, self-study and dedication.The holistic nature of the Whole Athlete program integrates the essential aspects of optimal performance to help you explore your highest potential.

Dario’s Bio

Dario Fredrick is director of the Whole Athlete Performance Center. He is an exercise physiologist, a national champion cyclist, and has worked with all levels of endurance athletes since 1994. Dario also directs the Whole Athlete Junior Development Team.

Dario created Whole Athlete as a means to integrate the disciplines of exercise science, biomechanics, sport psychology, nutrition and Yoga to help athletes take a holistic approach to achieving optimal performance. He is a Category 1 road and mountain bike racer himself, and a fomer collegiate swimmer & triathlete.

With 15 years of practice and study in the US and in India, Dario teaches Yoga classes at the College of Marin and workshops at Turtle Island Yoga in San Anselmo. He has taught swimming fitness & technique for multiple years, applying specific principles of biomechanics research to developing optimal form. Dario holds a Master’s degree in exercise science, a Bachelor’s in sport psychology, and is a member of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).

In the area of applied sports science, Dario developed and validated a unique performance test protocol for cyclists. The performance test provides a highly valid measure of one’s training zones using power measurement and heart rate. He is also an expert in bike fitting, combining his experience in cycling, yoga and biomechanics.

About Whole Athlete

Whole Athlete is a comprehensive resource for endurance athletes of all levels. Some of the service provided include:
Coaching (cycling, running, swimming & multisport)
Performance testing
Bike fitting
Pedal stroke analysis
Swim stroke analysis
Running stride analysis
Nutritional analysis
Sport psychology counseling
Yoga workshops & private instruction

Contact information

Whole Athlete Performance Center
7 C Mariposa Avenue
San Anselmo, CA 94960
   (415) 257-8933    office
   (415) 257-8953    fax

Interview with Steven and Coach Dario Fredrick, Winter 2009 from scott cozza on Vimeo.