Training Hard, Resting Hard and Focused

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July 17, 2010
Written by Steven Cozza

Finally a new report! My apologies for not keeping my fans and friends up to date.

In July while the Tour de France is in full force, there aren’t very many other races going on. This means its been a July of hard training, hard resting and going swimming with Jen at the beach on my recovery days. I have never spent July in Spain and let me tell you it’s hot, hot, hot. In the winter, Jen and I were wishing for summer and now in the summer, we’re missing winter.

Paris Roubaix - Steven, "I love the fans. I love the cobbles. I love the Paris Roubaix."

My training rides have been long and intense with a mix of recovery rides when needed. I’ve been really working on my time trial bike a lot and am starting to feel so dialed in. My coach, Dario, wrote me the perfectly balance workout plan and I am feeling confident now going into my first race back the Brixia Tour in Italy. Also, on some of the longer hot days I have been fortunate to have Carlos, one of our sports phyios, come out with me for bottles, lactate testing and a bit of time out of the wind. I really thrive off of a routine schedule and this July it’s been like this: wake up around 7:30, ride at 8:30 to beat most the heat, get back, kick back and watch my teammates kick butt in the TDF (a race I still dream of competing in one day).

I could write an essay already about what I’ve seen at this year’s TDF. It’s been so extreme with crashes, fist fights and head butting – along with many positive things like sunflowers, Ryder fighting for top 10, Tyler sprinting it out with all he’s got even with a broken wrist, and on and on.

I can go on forever about the race and how much it inspires me, but I also have to mention how much I look down on the fist fight after the race and the head butts thrown by Mark Renshaw in the last kilometers of Stage 10. First and foremost, it’s a horrible example for kids watching the race. Next thing you know, my mom’s going to have her kindergarteners throwing head butts at other kids in the sponge races held at recess. As professional athletes we must be good examples for children. It’s a responsibility that is put on us by our position. Lets teach children about being good sports, not how to hit someone in a fit of anger. I also think the two guys fighting after the race were inappropriate and they too should have been kicked out of the race for such a display of poor sportsmanship. Cycling is a dangerous sport and there is going to be bumping and jostiing for position, but these acts were clearly violent and bullish acts. I’m all about fair play and these acts aren’t by any means fair. If any racer at the TDF breaks the ASO’s rules, they should be held accountable. We all make mistakes in our lives. Hopefully all involved will learn from their errors in judgement.

Ok, enough said on that subject. It is important that I try to keep focusing most of my energy on my training and racing. With still 3 months of the season left, I’m really looking forward to the up and coming races. I have made many goals for myself and I’m doing all I can to be ready to meet them. The next race I have is Brixia, then Tour of Denmark and the Eneco Tour.

I will be sure to keep everyone more updated as the fall comes closer. I hope I can give my fans and my Race For Kids program a win in the near future. I have worked my butt off and will do my best to continue achieving my goals.