Garmin Boys Ready To Defend Zabriskie’s Yellow Jersey

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Written by Steven Cozza
September 12, 2009

Today we are at the start of stage 6 here at the Tour of Missouri. We are in the town that invented sliced bread, so that’s pretty cool.

Todays stage is 178 kilometers of pain and suffering. Dave Z has the leaders jersey after winning yesterday’s time trial. This means the Garmin boys are going to ride at the front and help DZ defend his yellow Jersey. With two days left, we can do it. It sure will be a painful challenge. We have our game plan and we’re all set to go. We won the overall last year here and we can do it again!

The fans are in full force here at the Tour of Missouri. It makes the racing that much better to see how many people get excited and into watching us fly by. They are all “FAN”tastic.

More to come


Racing Wounded

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Written by Steven Cozza
September 9, 2009

We started stage 2 the other day with one teammate down. Christian broke his hand in a crash during the first stage and was in to much pain to continue on for Stage 2. I’m going to miss working for him. I know Christian would have won the Tour of Missouri.

Stage 2 was a rolling 185 kilometer stage in thick Missouri heat. We were able to get Timmy in the break of 3 riders, so the rest of the day we could cruz in the Peloton. Throughout the entire stage I felt like I was in one of those bad dreams where no matter how hard you try your legs won’t produce and power for you. This wasn’t fun, but I was able to get through the stage.

So now I am on the bus on my way to stage 3, a 182 kilometer jaunt over rolling hills and thru corn fields. This is kind of ironic, “corn” fields, because I just started working with my nutritionist Megan from Boulder and I have learned that corn was one of the main causes of my IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Since cutting out anything with the word corn in it, which is just about everything these days, my digestive system is improving every day.

My body still feels the affects of an entire season fighting the mysterious GI tract issues I have been having for quite sometime now, but just knowing what’s going on and how I can fix it is so relieving to me.

After this race I look forward to a good break to heal my body and then begin building my body back up with my coach Dario’s workouts throughout the winter. I’ve lost some muscle mass in my legs, because of the IBS, so the workouts will include strengthening my legs. This will help me regain my TT form and the power I’ll need to kick butt in the Spring Classics.

It’s been a difficult racing season this year wanting to succeed more to help my teammates and team win and for my own individual success. Although I know what I’ve gone through this racing season with the IBS and “not giving up” will help me in years to come, not only in my cycling career, but my life in general.

I look forward to a another great year for my team and teammates in 2010 and for me to be my old self- attacking the peloton, chasing down attacks, helping my team and teammates to victory, and for myself the satisfaction of knowing I’ll be racing at my full strength.

Well its race time. Today is going to be a great day for us Garmin boys.

More to come.


2009 Tour of Missouri names Tour Hostesses

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September 7, 2009

Seven Day, 600+ Mile Elite Pro Cycling Race Begins September 7 in St. Louis

The Tour of Missouri has named Erin Haney and Jen Caudill as the official Tour Hostesses for the 2009 race. Their duties will include hosting a video blog as well as escorting VIPs, cyclists and officials to and from the stage.

Haney, an Atlanta native, is currently working in sales and marketing for Turner Broadcasting. She is also a freelance make-up artist, stylist and TV host. She was named Miss Georgia USA in 2003 and has remained involved in pageants as a producer, consultant, emcee and judge. She possesses a college degree in Fashion Design and interned with fashion designer Vera Wang. Haney also has over 15 years of formal dance training.

Caudill, who currently lives in Atlanta, also works in marketing for Turner Broadcasting Company. She also serves as a model and actress and has appeared in music videos and on an episode of Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva. She earned a degree in Advertising from the University of Georgia Grady College of Journalism. Caudill is also an experienced equestrian.

The daily video blog that Haney and Caudill will host will include: a behind-the-scenes from the hostess point of view, facts and trivia about host cities, interviews with riders, volunteers, organizers and sponsors as well as funny moments and bloopers throughout the day. Fans can follow them on Twitter @PodiumLadies.

Missouri Bound

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Written by Web Manager
September 6, 2009

Today Steven flys off to take part in the 3rd addition of the Tour of Missouri, where he won the Young Riders Jersey in 2007. Steven will be racing this year as a strong domestique for Garmins two team leaders Dave Zabriskie and Christian Vandervelde. The Tour of Missouri is being held September 7-13, 2009. More updates to come.

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